Arequipa Destinations

Arequipa Destinations

Arequipa Destinations & Arequipa Tourist Attractions give a complete tourist Information of Arequipa City and Tourist destinations; you will find general information on each tourist attractions.

The Arequipa is the capital of the south east region of the same name. The City of Arequipa Peru is located in the Chili river valley, flanked by three snow-capped volcanoes: Misti 5,821m (19,098 ft), Chachani 6,075 m (19,931 ft), and Pichu Pichu, 5,425m (17 799 ft).

Arequipa is called The White City because its buildings are made of sillar, a white volcanic stone that abounds in the area. The stone embellishes the houses around the main square and the churches. The city retains the Colonial style of its founding, giving it a special charm.

Department of Arequipa has a many tourist attractions such as Colca Canyon, Santa Catalina Convent and the Cathedral of Arequipa. Despite usually being considered a province of the Peruvian highlands, we mustn’t forget the coast that also borders it. the South cost of peru has a Ica Peru Tourist Attractions too.

Arequipa Tourist Attractions

Colca Canyon Peru

The fabulous Colca Canyon Perú has beautiful scenery including terraced fields, snowcapped mountains and villages founded in the 16th Century.

Colca Canyon is located 148 km, 4 hours away by car, northeast of Arequipa towards Yura, on the puna, or high plateau like Department of Puno. In this area is the pass known as the Mirador de los Condores, which offers a view of the summits of Mount Ampato and Mount Sabancaya.

You can see herds of Vicuña, the Puruña stone forest, and the Sumbay caves with their carved rocks. Descendents of the Collaguas and Cabanas Cultures scattered around the zone lived in sixteen villages which have remained almost unchanged, retaining their original characteristic, street plans, richly decorated churches and traditional festivals.

Colca Canyon Peru offers visitors a fabulous landscape and abundant wild fauna, including the Andean Condor and Vicuña.

The canyon though which the river Colca runs – the world’s second deepest after the neighbouring Cotahuasi Canyon, is 3,400 m deep from the Cruz del Condor, almost twice the depth of the Colorado Canyon in the United States.

Cathedral of Arequipa

The Cathedral of Arequipa is one of the most beautiful churches of Perú, the construction of which began in 1544. In the mid-seventeenth century, a second building was raised after the first was destroyed in a series of earthquakes.

In 1844 the second building was destroyed by fire, and the current one was built. It is a prime example of nineteenth-century religious architecture in Perú. The Cathedral of Arequipa is predominantly in the Neoclassic style, with three naves, enormous columns, a huge Belgian organ and French neo-Gothic pulpit.

It possesses splendid treasures of gold and silverwork, such as two monstrances of gold and precious stones.

Santa Catalina Convent

One of the most beautiful convents in Perú, founded in 1580 to shelter a select group of the religious order.

It is a veritable Colonial town made up of the houses for the nuns and their servants, cloisters, plazas, narrow streets, kitchens, a refectory, a laundry, as well as the church itself with its single nave, cupola, and square tower.

It houses a collection of paintings of the Cusco art or Cusco Tourist Attractions and its architecture perfectly preserves the Colonial atmosphere.

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