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Rafting in Cusco

Rafting in Cusco Full Day

Rafting in Cusco is an activity to get the adrenaline pumping and unforgettable experience, as well as offering unique spectaculars views of the Cusco Andean Mountains in remote places hard to reach by road. Some of the best rivers for rafting in South America are in the mountains surrounding Cusco, so if you want to give it a try this is the place!

  • Cusco Rafting
  • Rafting in Cusco
  • River Rafting Urubamba
  • River Rafting Cusco

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Zip Line Cusco

Zipline Cusco Full Day

The zip line is located in the heart of Sacred Valley of Cusco (This is done in Pachar, in between Urubamba and Ollantaytambo), Ziplining in the Sacred Valley presents an opportunity for people of all ages to fly over beautiful scenery. A safe and fun experience, the excursion consists of 6 lines or cables, between 100m and 500m in length.

  • Zipline Cusco
  • Zipline in Cusco
  • Zipline Sacred Valley
  • Zipline Peru

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Cusco Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike Cusco and Sacred Valley

Cusco is quite a diverse area for practicing different sports and activities. This combined with local traditions and culture provides for many interesting experience all included in this exciting trip. The biking tours are combined with visiting sites of interest in the Cusco Region, Sacred Valley.

  • Cusco Mountain Bike
  • Mountain Bike Peru
  • Mountain Bike Sacred Valley
  • Mountain Bike Cusco

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Horseback Riding Cusco

Horseback Riding around Cusco is a great tour and ideal way to experience the spectacular landscape around Cusco and Sacred Valley, It is amazing for those who love the outdoors and doing something adventurous.

  • Cusco Horseback Riding
  • Cusco Horseback
  • Horseback Riding Peru
  • Horseback Riding in Cusco

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